Johnna - Portrait Session

I feel inspired and fresh in this year, as if I have taken off a plastic bag that was suffocating every bit of artistic thought/being that was inside of me. For the first time in years, I feel like me

During this slow season, I'm going to find who I am as a photographer and artist. Shooting for myself and having fun, because isn't that why I picked up my camera in the first place?

Johnna, oh I love her. She is inspiring and has a classic beauty you can't help but just stare at. Plus, she's really awesome and I am loving getting to know her more. 


Zach & Felicia - Wedding

Wednesday weddings, what a fabulous idea. 

I've known Felicia since I was in high school and let me tell you how much I've always adored her. She's that sweet little soul that can become your best friend in an instant and no matter how long you go in between of seeing her, it's like that time never existed. She's authentic and real, and when I met her fiancé (now husband, HOLLA) I felt peace about him and I saw the love he has for Felicia in and instant. 

Their wedding was perfect.

October 3rd, 2016

Venue: The Barn By Two Brothers 


Cody + Tulsa - Fair session

I have been SO excited to finally sit down and finish up this session. For the longest time I have been wanting Tulsa to model for me in a grungy shoot, and with her in a new relationship and the fair rolling around, all these ideas started popping up in my head. 

I wanted to photograph a doomed teenage relationship. You know, the ones that never work out because well, they're young and have issues that they'll eventually have to work out on their own instead of trying to fix each other. A couple that was too cool but, wanted to come hang out at the fair. 

Btw, Tulsa and Cody are not doomed 😉